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Most of us put salt to our food every day.

The same is true for supplements and water. Some of us have some habits that we do every day.

It would be nice if Chronometer has a feature to insert recurring entries.


  • Hi Delu,

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    Cronometer has a couple of options to help you enter foods that you eat each day.
    For example, copying and pasting foods from one day into another. Learn more about copying items in your diary here:

    You could also create a recipe in the Foods tab with all the foods you regularly eat. Then you can add recipe, rather than adding each individual ingredient each day.
    Right-click and use the Explode Recipe action to show the individual ingredients so you can quickly make changes to serving sizes, if you make adjustments day-to-day.

    Learn how to create custom recipes here:


    Karen Stark
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    The request is about recurring foods; the answer is about recipe...what a joke!

  • I understand what Delu is saying. I think it would be useful to have a food scheduling option. Maybe on the food details page, add an option for recurrence.

    I think the real key for an application or a service like this is for the user to spend as little time as possible interacting with it.

  • I use the recipe trick all the time. My recipe is called "Daily Supplements" , works like a charm and saves a lot of entry time.

  • I also have that kind of bundle of foods. But, that doesn't save me from copying and pasting "recipe" everyday. Computers are supposed to do this kind of redundant task.
    Some people just don't get it!

  • Delu, I may be misunderstanding but what do you mean about copy and pasting "recipe" everyday. All I do is go to Add Food and start to typing dail... and in the search list my "Daily Supplements - Multi Vit; B&L Areds; Fish Oil; Magnesium" becomes visible and I click on it. That puts all the caloric and macro nutrients etc. values in my diary and shows that recipe in the list. Are you saying you want each individual component of the recipe listed? The nutrient values all show up in the total, so I don't see the need, especially since you created the recipe and know what is in it.

  • I often copy the recipe from the previous day and paste it to the current day.

    It is similar step like your search and add method.

    The request was to avoid the searching and adding altogether. You just schedule your recipe, Crono simply adds it by itself.

    Don't you schedule recurring tasks in your task manager (calander) app?

    If you do the same task everyday, you don't need to write on to your calander everyday. You can tell your calander to repeat the tasks by itself.

    It is like that.

  • For supplements that you take every day that would make sense. I eat a variety of foods everyday, not the same things, and some days I fast, so no food at all. But I understand what you are asking for now. The question what I would have if I were them would be when to add those every day items. They could create an "Everyday" or "Default Adds" list, where you could add whatever you want similar to a recipe but a specific List for just that purpose. Then there would have to be a button of some kind to add them. You couldn't add them automatically when you pick a day because some people like myself wouldn't want them added on fasting days, or for some other reason.

    As a workaround, instead of your copy and paste routine, you may want to name your recipe something that is easy to type and unique, like "dddddd". This way when you start to add your other items for the day, you could easily type that recipe name and select it. It may be faster than what you are currently doing. I use to be in the software business and adding a feature is not as simple of a task as one might think. Unless there is a ground swell of need by multiple users, and there is no "other" way to accomplish the same thing, it doesn't make economic sense to add said feature. Just my opinion. Better to focus your resources toward other things.

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    You don't need the feature doesn't mean that other user don't need it. I am not the first person to request this feature.

    I am going through the trouble of requesting a feature because it is important to me. I am sick and tired of writing the same item, 5mg of salt, day after day, year after year.
    It is very absurd you are trying to dismiss a reasonable feature request as irrelevant just because you don't need the feature.

  • @Delu we take all feature requests seriously. We do require user research, and planning before implementing a feature, but do be aware your request has been heard. The user group on the forum encompasses only a fraction of our entire user base, so while some feature requests may seem prevalent here, they may not reflect the true needs of our user base.
    We have a number of projects in the works, and your request may be absorbed into one of those, or even created as its own feature. Please do be patient as we get many feature requests and we are a very small team with very big goals.
    In the meantime, I encourage you to try one of the workarounds suggested by other users to make your process easier. Cronometer is pretty complex, and many users have found nifty shortcuts and workarounds that you may not have considered. Creating a "Recipe" is a great option, as well as using one of our many copy/paste options.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • do be aware your request has been heard.

    Thank you.

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