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  • I get things take time, so I am only responding just to add my name to the list of users that would like a feature like this (in case level of user interest in a feature is one of the drivers in choosing which features to develop.)

    It is really my only pain point with this app, having to use the workarounds suggested here rather than having one spot where I can just pre-set certain items to be automatically added every day.

  • Looks like the app is pretty much in maintenance mode. Feature requests appear to be put on a list and be forgotten.

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    I also came to this forum hoping there was some option for recurring entries so I don't have to copy my custom recipes (as suggested above for supplements) 30 times each month. For example, I have all my supplements as a single recipe, and every day I have collagen coffee in the morning, the same protein bar with my coffee, and a matcha latte in the evening. It would be nice if I could list my supplements, coffee, bar, and latte as food that occur in the diary every single day unless I choose to delete them. Just a request for consideration. Maybe this could be a premium feature? Thanks!

  • I do as Karen suggested for my supplements. I added them one time as ingredients in a recipe I named-wait for it-Daily Supplements. I think add Daily Supplements to my day's diary. Those who say this is a joke seem incomprehensible to me-it's easy and it works. I can almost hear the feet stomping.

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  • conancheusue - that "workaround" may be easy for you, but you still have to add it each day. I used a different food app(and I don't remember now which one as I've tried several). In that app if for instance if you took Magnesium ever day - all you had to do the first time you added Magnesium it had a check box asking if you wanted to do this daily. Check the box and you're done. No need to add it every day.

  • comanchesue, while what you are doing is what I (and others) currently do (I call mine "dailies"), there is zero harm in making requests to make features that would make it even better for some users. The developers ultimately choose which to ignore and which to explore and having suggestions to look at are better than getting no feedback from the very users you design the product for.

    Suggestions for features in software is invaluable for ideas to make it continue to improve and grow into an even better product. I imagine lots of the stuff you use now and think nothing of it were born out of someone saying "hey you know what would be great? If it could do this other thing too!"

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    I figure if recording what you are eating is too much, then..IDK. To want it to appear without any effort on the users' part seems ridiculous and could lead to a lot of hassles.

    This site, and others like it, are an opportunity to take control of what we are eating and to understand the varying nutritional values. I just don't get the posters who want someone else to do it for them.

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

  • comanchesue - yeah, that durn checkbox would cause endless hassle, wouldn't it? They'd even need to put it into documentation - at least a sentence, if not a paragraph, amiright?

    Pro tip: especially in online fora, you should follow the rule passed down by generations past and stay silent unless you have something positive to contribute - unless you are an anti-ombudsman, paid by Cronometer to attack customers' ideas?

    Please go elsewhere to be rude. How about the dinner table tonight? Whether you're alone, with family, or in a restaurant with an audience?

  • Further thought: I've developed software - and user interfaces - for over 20 years. A GUI without feedback from the user population - usually sucks. A piece of software that never adds any function beyond "v1.0" (what we call 'MVP', for minimum viable product) almost always "sucks sewer water".


  • comanchesue, it should be the goal of cronometer(and every other software) to continually enhance and improve their product. Feature request's are how companies can do this to accomplish that. To make software "effortless" as possible should be a goal. If it's a feature you don't want, fine. But others may feel it's important.
    Your last sentence is contradictory. "I just don't get the posters who want someone else to do it for them". You are doing exactly that. You could do this with a pen and paper, but you are having someone else(Chronometer) do it for you.
    I'm currently using Chronometer after leaving Carb Manager. I've also tried MyFitnessPal, NetDiary, LoseIt, Fat Secret and a few more. They all have their pro's and con's but at this point Chronometer is what I have chosen. I have seen the recurring entry in more than 1 software and not being able to us it now seems strange. If others can do it why can't Chronometer - maybe it's a bigger programming nightmare than we realize. It's not a make or break deal for me though as overall, I still like what they provide.

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    comanchesue why do you have to throw shade because you don't personally agree with a suggstion that many others think would improve their experience? From your own logic, why are you even using the app and not doing the the old fashioned pen and paper way since you are so against ways of improving the effortlessness that the app offers?

    I work for a software company. Our most valuable resource is our users, including the suggestions and feedback they provide. I don't understand why you are trying to yuck on other people's suggestions... which they are offering becaus ethey use the app and like it.

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    @Hilary @Karen_Cronometer

    I'd like to add my vote to this feature request.

    It's not enough after 3 years to simply suggest that people use the work arounds. The work arounds don't solve the problem! You still have to manually input the same foods every single day, whether you are cutting and pasting or adding a recipe.

    To be honest, you wouldn't consider launching an app like this these days without baseline functionality like recurring tasks. I've been using the app religiously for 3 months now and I love how it has transformed my eating habits and health, but the time I'm needing to put into it every day in order to get basic things done is getting frustrating.

    It's like a broken relationship... I love it, but I can't keep doing it.

  • The real frustrating part of this is why we can't get an answer from Chronometer after all this time. If you can't incorporate this couldn't you explain why. Maybe we could understand it a little better if there's a legitimate reason.

  • I would benefit from this feature. Thanks!

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