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Hi Everyone!

I will be doing an interview with @Susan_RD_101 on Monday. We are going to record it and post it up on Youtube later next week for everyone to enjoy.

I need your help! I have no idea what to ask her :)

I want to know what YOU want to know about eating a plant based diet so I will do better job than this guy when I interview her:

So ask away, and THANK YOU for all your questions!


Spencer D.
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  • i've been vegan for five years so i don't really have any questions but i look forward to watching the interview.

  • If the tone and run-time allows for more general Qs:

    If a "healthy" omnivore transitions to a PBD, what changes would you expect to see in the short-medium term? (or would the focus be morality?)

    In the spirit of self-reflection: are there any major disadvantages to a plant-based diet - something you resent having to manage, or that requires a great deal of discipline (rather than, oh I have to supplement b12; or, I have to explain such and such every time to friends/family, etc.)?

    cheers - hope it all goes to plan!

  • @kumquat

    Best user name ever! :smiley:

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
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    Am I too late to get these questions in? I think the interview is today.

    1) Besides B12 what are other key vitamins and minerals that can be difficult to get on a Vegan Diet? What key foods do you recommend that can best target these hard to get RDA's?

    2) Some plant foods can interfere with uptake of key nutrients. Can you name some plant foods to watch-out for and what vitamins or minerals these might impact?

    3) There is a lot of emphasis to increase one's Omega 3 ratio to 6. Some suggest a 1:1 ratio would be ideal, but that seems very difficult to achieve. What key plant foods have high Omega 3 but LOW Omega 6? (Walnuts and Flax seeds have a lot of O-6 too.) I'm thinking it might be a good idea to eat high Omega 3 foods on certain days and avoid all other fats just to maximize uptake. Does this make sense, or does the previous days intake of fats interfere with metabolizing your O-3's on another day?

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    Slightly off the original topic of this post but in response to @Paul "in the spirit of self reflection" I eat a plant based diet; this morning out for breakfast, asked the restaurant if they had a veggie breakfast sausage and his response was "No, but we have turkey sausage" :D:D:D To be honest I find this more amusing than annoying, and happens fairly frequently!
    Personally, I find there isn't really anything I resent managing as I truly love eating a plant based diet and I make my own rules for it instead of adhering to what "Society says" is a vegetarian/vegan diet. I treat it less as a challenge and more just a way of life. I just kind of forget about meat being a possible food for me to eat.

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  • I've been on the other end of that while cheffing in a fishy pub. Trying to get the tickets out on a busy shift, and a waitress comes in asking for an update on the veg options.

    Apparently a delightful customer didn't fancy one of our (reluctant) vegetarian dishes (usually mushroom strog, or stuffed peppers or somesuch sadness). Over the next five minutes we'd hear an updated question from customer, "is the breaded Camembert cooked where the fish is fried?", etc.. This was five/six years ago in a British pub . . almost nothing was vegetarian. Some of the vegetables probably had meat in them.

    Anyway:- wondrous, delightful customer ended up having a bacon sandwich.

  • I saw the interview via reddit! Very informative - I have some reading to do on phytic acid.


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