How can I add bone to a meat choice?

I am using Cronometer to make balanced raw food for my dogs. If I want to use a whole chicken with bones in a recipe, how can I add bone to the whole chicken option?


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    Hi gg101,

    There are a couple of items in our database, such as "Pork Neck Bones" and "Beef Neck Bones" to give you the nutrient profile for bones.

    However, most of our meats are for edible portions only - well, for humans anyway - so we don't have the nutrient profile for the bones included.

    If you already know the nutrient profile for raw chicken bones or a whole chicken with bones included, I would recommend creating a custom food in the Foods tab. You can enter in all the nutrition information to track the food with the same care you take to prepare their meals.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi @Karen_Cronometer , So there is a whole chunk of population that gnaws on bones and chews them + eats marrow. The "edible" label is probably just for mainstream US population.

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