Canned Tomatoes Problem


Yesterday I decided to make a list of quick fixes for certain nutrients
So I started with B1 (as you do)
I have my own visual spreadsheet made from your information so that I can check things very quickly
I noticed that "Canned Tomatoes" (NCCDB) rock the house with B1
115% of your daily for one cups worth
I cross checked it with a cup of tomatoes cooked and fresh, and the B1 in both is tiny
Any idea where this comes from?


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    Hi Spencer_007,

    Tomatoes will have the most nutrients when they are picked at their peak ripeness. If you eat garden fresh tomatoes, you will even be able to taste the difference that it makes!

    When tomatoes are picked prior to ripening and then transported to grocery stores, their nutrient content can decrease quite a bit. The longer a tomato sits around, the more nutrients will be lost. However, if tomatoes are picked at their peak ripeness and then processed into canned products they will keep much of their original nutrients. Some nutrients will be lost during the heat processing of the canned tomatoes, but vitamin B1 remains mostly intact during heating. This may be why canned tomatoes have a higher B1 content than fresh.


    Karen Stark
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