Knowledge is POWER

The biggest gain I had from this is getting a little too into it, and weighing literally everything that went into my mouth. But after putting "chicken" in 400 times, I can now get pretty close when I look and guess the weight of it. Although, I will not stop using the scale, at least I can feel comfortable with my amounts when I got out to eat. Stop my self from downing 10 breadsticks and still enjoy something delicious.

It's also helped me budget my food choices and I've gotten so much better at reading nutrition labels.

Thanks Cronometer for training my brain to understand what healthy life style is, rather than just EAT THIS NOT THAT.

Last, I'm so grateful to understand what exercise can really do to my calorie intake. VERY LITTLE! I was always under the impression I could always just "run it off". Little did I know sprinting still takes a good amount of time to burn off that large double pepperoni pizza.


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    @Skwizgaar - I feel you on the exercise front. My discovery that I don't actually "deserve" a family size bar of chocolate because I did a half hour swim was a very very sad one! Useful, and hugely empowering, but devastating nevertheless!!

    Also, my husband is now so used to me weighing every mouthful of food that he gets the scales out in advance when I am preparing dinner :smiley: That said, I do now know how much milk I tend to put in my tea (for example), which makes it much easier to log when I'm out and about without my scale - and also opened my eyes as to how much I was underestimating. I came across to Cronometer from MyFitnessPal and on MFP the "standard" tea plus milk is 30ml milk. I like a nice milky tea so I'd been logging it as 50ml milk. Turns out I actually use a little under 100ml, in multiple cups throughout the day!!

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    Yes, it's true.

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    Love the Idea of photographing food, as an aid to keep a accurate record of what was eaten when going out.

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    @ConnieSC, Congrats on maintaining your weight! I've been doing it for 9 years now, works great. And it's just like balancing your check book, write it down. Pull up the avg calories for the month, your good to go...

    I am an amateur. I've been using CRON-O-Meter for 10 years and counting, still learning.....

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    I can so relate to all that has been said here. I've realized that diet is key. I still struggle with the night time eating and aware this is where the weight gain lays. My kitchen awaits my arrival sunset......

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    Yes, it's all about the food. I enjoy how I feel exercising, but for weight loss it is what goes in my mouth.

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