Two Breakfast Cereals

I'm comparing two similar corn-based breakfast cereals, 100 gram portions, manufactured by the same company, Kellogg's. The essential difference between the two is added sugar. The two are: Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes. The problem is that Corn Flakes is showing as having 2X as much cystine and methionine as Frosted Flakes. I've tried to account for the much lower amount of sugar in the former, but am still not able to explain the difference away. And total carbs, of which sugar is a part, between the two are nearly the same. So looking at total sugars may not be the way to approach the problem. And there is always the possibility the amino acid data was entered incorrectly.


  • Hi starchivore,

    There may be a number of differences in these two different products from Kellogg's; because manufacturers often keep their proprietary product formulations confidential it can be difficult to get definitive answers about these differences. Foods from NCCDB are reviewed prior to publication but it never hurts to double-check with the manufacturer.

    The nutrient profiles between these two products show differences across the board; fibre, starch, water, total protein as well as the amino acids, vitamins and mineral content. There may also be some non-nutritive substances used in processing the foods that contribute to these differences.


    Karen Stark
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