Hi, I diagnosed as anemic in pregnancy and my doctor described extra Iron although Cronometer says that I consumed actually too much iron a day (red).

My doctor is not specific how many mg I specifically need through out the day. So I trusted the setting if the app until now but my blood test says different. Can you make a suggestion to sort this out? Thanks

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    The iron RDA (or amount that will meet the needs of 97-98% of a healthy population) for pregnant women is 27 mg. That said, many women need well above this amount to normalize their blood values.

    Iron deficiency is incredible common in pregnant women since your blood volume doubles.

    When it comes to the intakes of a nutrient, your individual requirements trump those of the RDA .

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    Hello. Anemia during pregnancy is quite common. And iron preparations are also often prescribed by doctors in such cases. You should also eat more iron-rich foods and be less nervous. It is important to expand the diet as much as possible with foods rich in vitamin products during pregnancy. Vegetables and fruits and fish and meat are necessary for you now. I also used it during pregnancy https://womencalc.com/en/ to track the pregnancy phases yourself and worry less.

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