Serving sizes in Custom Recipes

I entered a custom recipe (a mixture of volume and weight measurements) in the Foods tab. I would like to create a serving based on cups rather than grams. Do I have to measure out the volume of the completed recipe and then enter how many cups are in it? Or can Cronometer add it up for me? For instance, my recipe is for 100g almonds + 2 cups water. Can I set a serving to 1/4 cup and Cronometer calculates how many of servings in the recipe?


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    Hi Anonymoose2,

    If you have entered ingredients with unknown weights, please choose the servings-based option for your serving sizes. You could measure the total volume of your recipe then enter in the number of servings per recipe as the total number of cups. For example, if your recipe is 3 cups total:
    first field - 1
    Measure - Serving (or change this text to cups)
    Servings per recipe - 3

    When you add this food to your diary, you can enter 1/4 in the Serving amount and Cronometer will calculate 1/4 of the serving you have chosen.


    Karen Stark
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    Thank-you. I understand what you're saying. I had measured the grams of almonds, and cups of water but had not measured the total volume of the finished recipe. I think I would need to know the total volume to set a volume serving size.

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    @Anonymoose2 Cronometer indeed does calculate the entire volume. When entering recipes the total weight in g goes up as you add ingredients. When you are done with the recipe, you can determine the serving size yourself by entering the number of servings the total recipe makes. Sometimes I have to adjust this depending on how much I eat!
    But since the total g of the recipe will always be there, you can weigh your portion and enter your portion for any given day in grams as well. Hope this helps.

    Maria H
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    That's helpful, VegasTortoise. Thanks!

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