Automate weight gain/loss calorie deficit settings

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I have more than reached my weight goal yet Cronometer still suggest a calorie deficit - do I have to change the weight loss/gain rate to maintenance? It would be great if it was automated. Or is there a lag in the system I'm unaware of?


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    Hi akclinic,

    You do have to update your weight goal settings to let the software know you no longer wish to have a weight loss goal and remove the calorie deficit.

    On the website, click on the Settings tab then Profile. Change your Goal Timeline to maintenance.

    Automating this setting when you achieve your weight goal would be a great feature to add - thanks for your feedback!


    Karen Stark
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  • Hello,

    how do you change the weight goal in the iOS mobile app? I have reached my weight loss goal and and wish to maintain. I have read other forum posts that state I am supposed to to press something on the diary screen but I cannot make this work.

  • i am having difficulties in setting up a menu for 3 days that will allow me to keep my normal weight of 169

  • what kinds of foods should i eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack during these 3 days/

  • @Rong_trang you may be using the newly updated version of the app? This setting has changed places in the new version! To edit your weight goal go to the settings tab and scroll down to the section labelled weight goal. Here, you will be able to adjust your preferences.

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  • I was able to do this finally. In the iOS app you first access the nutrition info to access this settings menu. It is not accessible through the general settings tab on the dashboard.

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