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I there a way where you can set your date of when you would like to reach your goal? I've tried looking but can not find, when I enter my weight and then my goal weight and the amount I want to lose weekly I gives me a preset date on the graph beside you goal weight. The reason I ask is because I want to set my activity to none but in doing so I get a calorie intake of 1099 a day which is way to low, or is there a way I can change my calorie intake daily manually to what I want.



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    Hi Fitgirl,

    You have the option of selecting a rate of weight loss/gain in Cronometer (or maintenance). If you view/edit your settings on the website, you will see a graph on the right which will show you an estimated progress line including the date by which you could reach your goal at the current rate:

    Cronometer does not have the option of selecting the end date to calculate the calorie deficit required to meet your goal by your chosen deadline.

    You can customize your Energy target in the Settings tab, under Targets. In the Macronutrients section, select Fixed Values to set custom energy and macronutrient targets.


    Karen Stark
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