Plant foods with higher zinc than copper levels?

It's really hard to find any. I found that curly endives have about 50/50 which is better than most plants which have much higher copper levels.

I really don't know how to get my ratios okay when most plants have a this higher level copper. If you google foods with zinc they always give you foods that have zinc and then have even more copper.

I don't eat meat and barely any dairy. Unfortunately pumpkin seeds are really hard to digest too so that won't work for me. I'd rather not take supplements also.


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    This is a hot topic right now, so I will plan to have a blog post released this month that discusses this in more detail. Please stay tuned!

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    I've seen a DIY Soylent user's entries with good(?) ratios. Although I don't understand enough about the ingredients to say what's providing what.


    edit: (Ah, one has a zinc supplement. Not sure about the other)

  • I saw your comments on a similar topic @Susan_RD_101 I'm looking forward to your post. I just keep noticing that that is one thing I'm always unbalanced with. I think because I eat all plants. If you do find any whole foods that have that ratio I'll be glad. Nature seems to put it the other way so I wonder why we need more zinc then? @Paul I'm sure it's great for some people but that stuff just scares me! D: Yeah, I mean I could take a zinc supp but I've ended up in the ER even from taking an iron supp before! (I got told off too bcs I thought I was dying but the doctor said it's just too much and causes cramping, lol & shouldn't be in the ER. Oops.) So I rarely take supplements. Why would pumpkin be the only thing in the plant kingdom though? Thanks for trying.

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    You can't say you ended up in the ER and then say you were told off for going to the ER. :lol:

    I would have thought someone on a vegetarian, etc. diet would need to supplement zinc - especially if they're very active. (I'm anxious to read Susan's blog post!)

    Or maybe start downing a kilogram of kelp. (I'm joking; this isn't advice)
    But I find it much easier to just pretend mussels are delightful sea pistachios. They're good for the environment, too (rope grown, at least).

  • @Paul Haha, I see what you mean!! It does sound click-baity "How I ended up in the ER after taking a vitamin.." oh, oops it was all a mistake, lol. :p No actually what I meant and wrote badly was I was in so much pain and doubled over my mom decided to take me to the ER thinking I had appendicitis. We had no idea what was wrong & personally I don't think I should have been told off (plus I was 17) bcs we had no idea it was the iron till I mentioned it to him when he was asking a lot of questions. Supplements can and do work for many people, I know. But I found out you do need to be careful and also that I am really sensitive to stuff. I still took Vit C and others for awhile but finally found out that I do better without any of them. But if I was going to get sick I would experiment with a tiny bit of one. :P I'll keep an eye on things and read Susan's post.

    Lol, okay enjoy your sea pistachios!! It sounds like a good thing for you and that it's good for the environment too! Your comments cheered me up today - I'm a bit miserable for no real reason - so thanks for that!!

  • You bring up a good point about supplements. Iron is one of those supplements that MDs will recommend, but not mention that they shouldn't be taken for life! All vegan and non-vegan's should aim to get bloodwork completed yearly to assess their iron status and determine if dietary intake, physical activity, and iron requirements are all in balance.

    I just finished the blog post on omega 6/3 and zinc to copper is coming next! Look for it towards the end of the month.

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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