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Under settings in Targets I would like to be able to select the tracking of Net Energy instead of Total Energy. This seems more useful when setting a weight loss goal so that my energy target responds to changes in calories burned.


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    If you enter calories burned in your diary, your energy balance/budget will change to reflect this.
    You can also see your Net Calories reflected in your target bar.

    You can learn more about your energy balance/budget here:

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    That's true, the net is displayed in the yellow bar. When I click the Yellow bar to edit targets, however, it is for Total energy. For me, it makes more sense to set a target for net energy. my 100% target should be Total Burned minus calorie deficit goal (from setting a weight loss goal).

    I'm suggesting being able to choose between Total Energy and Net Energy in the same way you can choose between Total Carbs and Net Carbs.

  • So I have more clarity on what I thought was happening and what I think still doesn't make sense.

    Calories Burned = Activity + BMR + Exercise
    Calories Consumed = Sum(foods eaten today)
    Net Calories = Calories Consumed - Calories Burned
    Calories Remaining = Goal Timeline Target - Calories Consumed + Calories Burned

    Energy = Calories Consumed
    = Energy from Protien + Energy from Carbs + Energy from Fat

    Net Carb = Total Carbs - Fiber - (possibly sugar alcohols)

    Net Energy = Energy from Protien + Energy from Net Carbs + Energy from Fat

    Net Energy = Calories Consumed - Exercise

    I would like to choose either Total Energy or Net Energy to be displayed in the yellow bar. 'Net Energy = Calories Consumed - Exercise' is not a calculation that makes much sense to me given all the other totals show in display.

  • Any thoughts @Hilary and Team?

  • Cronometer is a great tool, but the inconsistencies in the math - like what healthmike described - persist, and I would not consider paying for the gold version of a product that can't get the math right on the output. If you select net carbs, net carbs should be reflected everywhere except in the carb breakdown- and net carbs means carbs minus fiber & sometimes sugar alcohols, not carbs minus exercise. And the App shows the balance of calories the same as your selections in the web interface, but the circles don't show TEF if you've selected it, and the energy bar there shows what you've consumed out of your BMR with nothing added on, unlike the web interface. I feel like I've experienced some other inconsistencies too... but don't remember what now. Just wanted to add my comment that this has been like this for at least 2 years now and it would be a SIMPLE programming fix, and yes, there are people who notice and care!

  • Hi aarin,

    We've only just released the option to track TEF, so we're still working on ironing things out. We've got a great software testing team going over things again and again, though regrettably things pop up once it's released to users. We really appreciate user feedback, it's invaluable in helping us catch these issues. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts!

    Karen Stark
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  • @Karin_Cronometer - thanks for your reply! In fact, just in the last day or 2 I notice that now the energy bar shows consumed related to burned instead of to BMR, which is fantastic! Although it still shows a 'net' number which is net of exercise, not net carbs... so hopefully that fix is next :-)

  • I'll propose your request to show calories from net carbs to the team. Cheers!

    Karen Stark
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