Sugar to stop gluconeogenesis?

I have asked similar questions on the forum before only to discover that people that know much about ketosis don't seem to frequent this forum at all. That being said let me begin:

I have had unexplained high blood sugars (Not being under stress and having high cortisol) during outright water fasts and now on what Dr. Mercola has coined a "Ketofast". A diet of half of my normal calories, half of the protein, and carbs under 20 net grams.

This morning after a low carb, and low protein, 800 calorie day yesterday I had a BS of 106.
(BHB was .03 which is higher [0.4} than when I went to sleep last night.)
I have had the same thing happen 5 days into a fast with BHB levels of 7!!!

Anyhow I took a teaspoon of sugar (7g of carbs) an hour ago and my blood sugars did not go down as Mercola states in 2 of his books (but neglects to give any specific or useful directions)

My questions are:

1.) Was I really using gluconeogenesis on this ketofast and how do you tell with some certainly? (I certainly had to be on the water fast)

2.) Is 7g an appropriate amount of carbs? Should I have used more or less?

3.) Should I continue checking BS every 30 minutes and see what happens?

FWIW I am very frustrated at the lack of resources to resolve issues like this.
This has been going on for well over year and after multiple attempts to get answers, I have decided that most people really don't have a clue, even about the basics such as this.

I am hoping that I am wrong and someone can authoritatively make some observations.
For everything that CM has done for Mercola, and the lacking discussion of this in both "Fat for Fuel" and in "KetoFast", it seems like he should be in this forum and helping people out.


Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com

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