Resting Calories from Garmin Connect

I just got my Garmin Forerunner 945 connected to Cronometer today and can see that calories for active time are importing into my diary. Do resting calories from Garmin Connect import in as well? I would like to use those as my BMR value instead of using what cronometer estimates. If not, will this be added? In the meantime would I need to manually add custom BMR value on a daily basis from what Garmin Connect had recorded? Thanks.


  • Hello @Damon ,

    We only import Active Calories from Garmin, as importing Resting Calories would only double count your BMR and overestimate your burned calories.

    You can set a Custom BMR in the Settings tab > Profile section. You will have to manually update your BMR if when your weight and age change.


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  • Thank you for explaining this Marie-Eve. I will look into setting a custom BMR.

  • @Damon and make sure you set your activity level to zero in Cronometer since Garmin accounts for all your active calories with HR and steps in addition to exercise. I love Garmin

    Maria H
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  • Thank you Maria. This is what I have done and it seems to be working.

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