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I'm repeatedly finding that your database contains the wrong carbohydrate information, people don't add fibre to carbohydrates making net carbohydrates wrong. This is really important for keto. It's so bad that I'm going to have to copy every food so that the error isn't put back in future if someone reports a product update. This is what I had to do in other apps, make a custom food for every item.


  • Incidentally these errors wouldn't happen if you implemented the edit European food label in app suggestion I suggested.

  • @RobPitt Users in different countries track carbs differently on nutrition labels. If you find a mistake in one of our listings please let us know by reporting an issue.
    Otherwise, you can elarn more about how carbs are reported on different labels here:
    I would also recommendusing lab analysed data where possible as this will be most likely to be the most complete and accurate. learn more here:

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    I know how carbs are reported differently on labels but if you're calculating net carbs you need to consistently store carbs in your database as carbs including fibre (as per America and the correct way for your database) or without. Your label editing feature does this correctly. As it stands in your database it's sometimes correct and sometimes incorrect - again if default nutritional information entry was done via label system in app set as regional default these errors would not occur.

    A selling point for Cronometer is the accuracy of your database and luckily hardly anyone has been listening to me saying "this app is great and you can rely on it's database as it's verified by the company" or I'd have egg on my face. Again luckily the database was a small reason I like Cronometer and it's still useful as you've made it very easy to compare the macros in your database with the product.

    Your database team can verify the accuracy of the fibre and carbs submitted by the spelling of "fibre" vs "fiber" I think and I expect they know this but to err is human. That's why you should make logging in label format a priority, your in-house database quality depends on it.

    I get that I'd get more complete information by logging generic, analysed food but I'm most interested in macros and I expect the label will be more representative of the macros in the product than a generic entry, though I could be wrong - am I right or wrong?

  • If the labels are in our CRDB database with incorrect data then we would love it if you could report an issue on that food so we can fix it!

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    I have reported about 6 items judging by the number of copies I have (I copied a couple for another reason - discounted these, I think). 6 is a high percentage of the foods I've scanned, I've only added 26 items (think I scanned them all). That's a rough error rate of 20%.

    I will keep reporting them although they only emailed me when I sent them an incorrect error - they replied telling me it was a different variant - I again replied to this email with the correct information that it wasn't a different variant but actually a misprint of the wrong products nutritional information onto the tin (!) and again heard nothing. So I've no idea if my reporting does any good. It would be nice to get some feedback letting me know they've done something with my reports, if indeed they have.

  • Hi @RobPitt we do get all reports received. If you have not received an email in return, it is likely that it was a food listing from Nutritionix, for which we receive quite a few issues. In this case, we will automatically replace the item with our own listing. If you haven't heard back, try scanning the barcode again and see if it is correct! We typically resolve all issues within 24 hours on business days (9-5 PST)

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Source in the app for all items reported said crdb. I've never seen anything with source nutritionix.

    I won't re-scan to check... doesn't appeal. I use a copy after I report so it doesn't matter much to me if you update your entries or not beyond feeling like I'm doing something positive.

  • Incidentally I've not received emails for the numerous contributions I've submitted that weren't in any database either - the only email I got was the one telling me I was wrong (and they didn't reply when I pointed out they were wrong too).

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