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I'v been following some YouTube channel that I know for a fact that is using Cronomater. The have many recipes on the channel. And probably add them to their recipes. How can I include these in my data base. It is very time consuming to add recipes. But I find that if I don't do it I stop tracking my macros and... gaining weight :-(


  • Those recipe's are that user's custom recipes. Sharing custom foods and recipes is one of our gold features. With a gold subscription, you can send a friend request from the Settings tab, find the Sharing section, then Add Friend. Enter in your friend's email address to send a friend request.

    Once the request is accepted, your friend will be able to add your custom foods and recipes to his or her diary and vice versa.
    Learn more about Sharing here:
    To add a friend using the mobile app, select the Profile tab. Under Settings tap Sharing, then Friends. Add a new friend using the + button in the top right corner.

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  • @Hilary It could be a cool community building "activity" if Cronometer creates a way to develop an "influencer" archetype for nutritionists, youtubers, and "health nuts" that regular users can then follow... On the most simple level, maybe create a forum for "influencers" to post their email and open up requests from regular users to connect as friends... and then we can see their recipes etc. On a more advanced level (which you may be avoiding actively) is to create a simple social networking element (take Strava for example) where you can see peoples actual Diaries, Recipes, etc... by following them... Obviously privacy would need to be considered... This could also encourage more people to go Gold to access this feature to bring in more revenue.

    It could be a really interesting way to further distinguish Cronometer in the market, add utility and depth to the app/website, and make the process of healthy eating that Cronometer enables a more communal enterprise.

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    Thanks for the suggestion @Matimio we have had more requests lately for social sharing and are looking into options for this. Check out our facebook group as well! People often share stories, tips, and insights on the page!

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  • Do both people have to be gold?

  • @Yaldrich Only the person sending the friend request needs to have a Gold subscription to share one another's custom foods and recipes.

    Karen Stark
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