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I checked the discussions and the topic comes up from others in 2017 and 2018 and earlier in 2019 with a 'good idea' from the Administrator. Has this been accomplished yet? I can download my mfp into a csv and would like to switch over (import) to Cronometer but I don't want to loose all my history. Is there a hold-up that hasn't been shared? Does the Gold do it?


  • This is not a feature at this time, however we do hope to implemenet it in the future! We are a small team here at Cronometer, so we have to prioritize feature requests - while we hope to address all of them at some point, we are limited by resources.

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  • how do I add my fitness in this app? i’m lost

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    Hi @rlester sorry we do not have this feature at this time - thanks for adding your voice to the requests - this would certainly be a very valuable feature to have in order to keep your data history when moving over to Cronometer!

    You can add exercise to your diary a couple of ways:
    You can:
    • Estimate your activity level and exercise: Choose the most appropriate level that we have listed for ALL your daily activities
    • Log your activity level separately: Use our activity library to manually log the exercise you do by selecting the "Add Exercise" button at the top of the diary.
    • Use an activity tracker: This is the most accurate and arguably the easiest way to log your activity. Sync your wearable activity tracker to Cronometer in the profile tab of your account (Scroll down to devices) to view the different types of wearables that we support. If you wear your device all day, set your activity level to "None" as your device will import the appropriate number of calories for daily burned and separate activities. If you only wear your device for exercising, set your activity level to "Sedentary".

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  • Hi,

    To add an additional voice, I was a long time user of Cronometer then, at some point, switched to MFP. So now I have lots of very old data in Cronometer but a few years worth of very detailed data in MFP. If I could transfer this data to Cronometer I would switch back to using Cronometer. I would love to have this feature


  • All I want is to add my historical biometrics so I can see the longer term charts. If not importing, even the ability to type them in manually myself if you had the ability to add a date when making an entry.

    Would it be possible to add an editable date field to biometrics entries, even if it continues to default to "today"?

  • That's a good suggestion to get your historical data into Cronometer more easily. Thanks for you input!

    Karen Stark
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  • @Hilary

    it seems like it’s taking forever for the myfitnesspal sync feature to kick in? Or did I miss something?

  • Does the chronometer team have any idea when this feature would be implemented. As a new user, This is the first thing I checked. An open feature request for 2 years means that you don't value your customers. I was thinking about taking cronometer subscription , but now I am thinking twice about it

  • Hi there,

    We absolutely value user feedback <3 I can appreciate importing your data from another tracker would make the switch more attractive. We hope that you'll find Cronometer has a lot to offer as a nutrition and health tracker!

    We add new features to Cronometer that are popular requests from our users and maintain our website and mobile apps to keep things running smoothly. We really wish we could do it all! :)

    Karen Stark
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  • @Karen_Cronometer It's been over a year since the last post. Any progress on this? A lot of people are going to want to jump ship now that they've messed up their interface and would love to move their history over.

  • If I could import my hostirical data from MFP I'd switch in a heartbeat as Cronometer seems a much better app, but I just can't face losing my 2200+ streak..

  • I will subscribe if this works. Not sure why it hasnt happened already.

  • I just upgraded to Gold but do not see this option that over 64% of Cronometer users have wanted and since 64% of us switched from MyFitnessPal including Cronometer staff as well this should be MVP your next iteration.

    Seems like you are not listening to what your customers wanted as several years have gone by and you still have not produced any results. I have had MyFitnessPal since 2013 as a premium member. There is good data I would like to import to Cronometer mainly for medical reasons to important to loose

    I closed my first Cronometer account a few years ago once I learned the you still did not have this very simple feature you could have added at any given time. Any software engineer could do this rather quickly in a couple of sprints.

  • As a former software engineer, I'd agree that it really shouldn't be that difficult given that one can export all their historical data from MFP as plain CSV files which are nicely formatted and easy to parse.

    They're really missing a trick by not doing this as I'm sure there are a LOT of people who'd be keen to switch but just caught by the snare of their streak...

  • Cronometer has been asked for years, at least since 2017 that I know of. Still nothing.

  • To be honest, I'd be happy if I could just set my starting streak to my current MFP total and carry on from there.... I bet others would too!

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