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I checked the discussions and the topic comes up from others in 2017 and 2018 and earlier in 2019 with a 'good idea' from the Administrator. Has this been accomplished yet? I can download my mfp into a csv and would like to switch over (import) to Cronometer but I don't want to loose all my history. Is there a hold-up that hasn't been shared? Does the Gold do it?


  • This is not a feature at this time, however we do hope to implemenet it in the future! We are a small team here at Cronometer, so we have to prioritize feature requests - while we hope to address all of them at some point, we are limited by resources.

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  • I would like to add my voice for this feature as well. I have several years of data on MFP.

  • I just switched over from MFP today and I'm blown away by Cronometer. I'm never touching MFP again, unless it's to import my data into Cronometer :joy:

    I'd put this as a 5/10 priority for me (and probably most users) as history is in the past and this app helps us move forward. Cheers!

  • how do I add my fitness in this app? i’m lost

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    Hi @rlester sorry we do not have this feature at this time - thanks for adding your voice to the requests - this would certainly be a very valuable feature to have in order to keep your data history when moving over to Cronometer!

    You can add exercise to your diary a couple of ways:
    You can:
    • Estimate your activity level and exercise: Choose the most appropriate level that we have listed for ALL your daily activities
    • Log your activity level separately: Use our activity library to manually log the exercise you do by selecting the "Add Exercise" button at the top of the diary.
    • Use an activity tracker: This is the most accurate and arguably the easiest way to log your activity. Sync your wearable activity tracker to Cronometer in the profile tab of your account (Scroll down to devices) to view the different types of wearables that we support. If you wear your device all day, set your activity level to "None" as your device will import the appropriate number of calories for daily burned and separate activities. If you only wear your device for exercising, set your activity level to "Sedentary".

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  • Hi,

    To add an additional voice, I was a long time user of Cronometer then, at some point, switched to MFP. So now I have lots of very old data in Cronometer but a few years worth of very detailed data in MFP. If I could transfer this data to Cronometer I would switch back to using Cronometer. I would love to have this feature


  • All I want is to add my historical biometrics so I can see the longer term charts. If not importing, even the ability to type them in manually myself if you had the ability to add a date when making an entry.

    Would it be possible to add an editable date field to biometrics entries, even if it continues to default to "today"?

  • That's a good suggestion to get your historical data into Cronometer more easily. Thanks for you input!

    Karen Stark
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  • @Hilary

    it seems like it’s taking forever for the myfitnesspal sync feature to kick in? Or did I miss something?

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