Mercola being censored....

I find it ironic that Mercola wasn't interested in the dangerous censorship going on all over the Internet until he was censored himself. There is also the hypocrisy of the censorship I have received from the Mercola organization. Think about the irony of trying to post a comment on this


article of him describing him being censored and being censored myself. No jury to trial, no due process, no anything, I am just censored.

Wish I could show you a screen shot I just took from the site.

Mercola himself has posted almost exclusively on YouTube which is one of the most censoring companies out there....

Just wish people would take a look in the mirror. Many ARE what they are fighting and Mercola is in that camp IMHO.

Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com

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