Search Diary Feature

Add feature that allows you to search the diary for previous foods eaten would be a big bonus. Any plans to implement this?


  • Thanks for the suggestion! Others has asked for this as well so it is on our list of things to tackle!

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  • this. and also seach for biometrics, please

  • How's this coming? It would be really neat if I could find the diary entry for the last time I made Steak Pizzaiola so I could copy over the ingredients instead of having to either make a recipe or do it all over again.

  • The main discussion tracking this request is (due this forum not suggesting existing related topics when creating a new one, this feature has been requested multiple times).

  • I would also love to have a search diary feature. I have, however, found a clumsy hack. In Settings, Account tab, at the bottom is a section for exporting account data to csv files. It is the "servings" file that has something usable.

  • And why is this "hack" less time consuming then paging through the diary around when you think you had it last?

    You could write a crawler with curl to gather the data, how's your PHP or Python?

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    You could write a crawler with curl to gather the data, how's your PHP or Python?

    That would be a horrible way to extract the data, when Cronometer should provide a JSON API, like any modern SaaS. But then again, the Cronometer web app uses this ugly Java RPC or whatever this is (never seen this response format in 10+ years of web development), so maybe a crawler would be "cleaner". 🤢


    No wonder they're struggling with technical debt.

    Also, I've pointed out above the main thread for this topic. Let's continue the discussion there please.

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