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Hey, I've been struggling to find a balanced diet for Gastritis/IBS. Fat is supposed to be avoided, but so are big meals, and I'm finding it really challenging to meet even a bare minimum of calories each day without constantly stuffing myself to the brim with food, let alone micronutrients. I always need to resort to many tablespoons of avocado oil or peanut/almond butter to get there. Have any of you solved this little puzzle?


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    Then the carnivore diet is for you. Search online how it healed people with colitis etc if it can heal them then sure it can heal IBS.

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    You may want to meet with a professional experienced with FODMAPs. These are short-chain carbohydrates that may lead to digestive issues in some individuals (see Cronometer's blog - https://cronometer.com/blog/managing-ibs-with-fodmaps/). This elimination diet is considered the gold-standard treatment for IBS.

    Fat can cause digestive problems since it stays in the stomach the longest, potentially leading to bloating, gas, and loose stools.

    I find clients benefit from eating 6 small meals per day with low-moderate fat intake and avoiding gas producing foods/items like gum, very hot beverages, straws, etc.

    Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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