Plant based protein, what's best

Which vegetables for most protein other than beans? I eat a lot of broccoli, but beans giv me too much gas.


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    A few things to consider...

    If you are a new vegan, it's really common to experience ++ gas eating beans. This is because your guts need time to adjust to the increased fibre content. Eating smaller portions of beans, drinking extra water, and taking "Beano" with meals (it really does help) can ease the transition. You may also find a probiotic (I recommend Genestra brand or Bio K) helps.

    With regard to protein, there's really not a lot in most vegetables and the absorption of them is quite low. Here's a list to answer your question though: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/318600.php

    If able, you may want to consider adding some soy-based protein, seitan (from wheat gluten) or high protein grains, like amaranth, whole wheat pasta, wheat berries, or quinoa.

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    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
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    Supposed gas might not be the beans too. It has been shown that "people's concern about excessive flatulence from eating beans may be exaggerated."(see winham DM, Hutchins AM, on pubmed). Eat not too fast, cook well. It might also be that your diet was quite deficient in fiber before so you need to adapt yes. You can do blended recipe(like hummus) too.

    Other than beans there is other legumes (red lentils, black lentils, soy products, peas, peanut, cacao etc). Lupini is highest in proteins.

    Cereals (buckwheat, wild rice, oats, wheat etc). Nutritionnal yeast, algae, hemp, nuts/seeds etc

    Berries, tomato, greens etc

    So really everything has pretty much enough proteins that are absorbs well enough (unless you eat only raw potatoes or alike) but some might be quite voluminic.


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    Chickpeas taste better than beans (IMHO), have a similar nutritional profile and may turn out to be less gassy.

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