Does Cronometer show 'net' calories?

I see total 'consumed' (that does not include exercise), but I don't see 'net' (consumed minus exercise).

(I'm using this site via a browser on a desktop)


  • You can see the net values in your calorie summary on the main diary screen. You can also view a chart of your net calories on the left hand side of your diary screen on the website version, as well as looking at the metrics chart in the trends tab and choosing "Net Calories" from the dropdown menu

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  • Hi

    Thanks for replying.

    We must be talking about different 'net' values: I'm talking about 'food minus exercise', in other words, the whole 'diary' spreadsheet added up.

    What Cronometer calls 'Net' is something else: it's 'food minus TDEE (including exercise)'

    Anyways, if Cronometer doesn't have it, it's OK I guess, I'm just used to seeing this number from two other calorie trackers I used.

  • When looking at the net energy history bar graph on the left hand side of the diary in desktop view, should we be looking for the bar graph to be more negative or positive?
    I don't understand how to read that chart?

  • Hi @jane0002

    Negative values would mean you are in an energy deficit that may lead to weight loss. Values around zero means you are getting enough energy to meet your needs, and positive values mean you are eating more than you are burning and may lead to weight gain. It's up to you and your goals what you'd like to aim for!

    Karen Stark
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