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The single biggest thing I would put on the top of my wish list would be the ability to import recipes. This could be a great pairing with the right partner!


  • Thanks for the suggestion @NorCalGal ! This has been requested by other users as well and is on our list to hopefully implement in the future!

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  • Hilary,
    Thanks, but it looks like they've been suggesting it for awhile. Whether I ultimately go Gold or walk away from Cronometer entirely will likely hinge on this single deficit. Meanwhile I'll just "Keep On Trackin'"

  • Hi Dee,
    We are a small team here at Cronometer, and must prioritize feature requests based on a number of factors. Adding a recipe importer is a high priority feature, but a very large undertaking. You're right, this is a huge value-added to Cronometer, but as such it takes a lot of work. When we build a feature for Cronometer, we want to get it right, complete, and the best we can do. Thanks for your patience - this will be a pretty exciting upgrade when it is finished.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • I'd really like some recipe import too. I suggest the "minimum viable product" approach to this until you have the time to "get it right".

    Something along the lines of a text file import would be better than nothing.

    Nothing is actually quite painful and probably the biggest reason people go elsewhere.

  • I want to add my voice for this

  • I also would love this feature. Besides Cronometer, I also use MasterCook for my recipies. My wife likes to have them on a tablet in the kitchen so she doesn't need to have a book or sheet of paper. Maybe even something like a link the the full recipe from a few of the popular programs. It would also help when we have to enter ingredients for calculating our macros. Thanks

  • I would absolutely love a recipe importer!!!!

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    Just recently switched from Carb Manager to Cronometer. I love Cronometer, but the one thing I REALLY REALLY miss is the ability to import a recipe from a URL, aka all the keto food blogs with recipes.

    Thanks for your hard work, love the app!

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