Daily Activity (Garmin) - what does it correspond to on Garmin Connect?

I am trying to determine a) where this is pulling from on the Garmin side, and b) if it is duplicating anything already accounted for.

I currently have Cronometer connected to Withings for weight, body fat, sleep, heart rate, body temp, pulse wave velocity. I also have it connected to Garmin for Import Activity & Heart Rate. I once had it connected to Google Fit, but that was definitely messing with my daily numbers and double counting, so that has been disconnected.

I use a Garmin Vivoactive HR as my main fitness tracker, and I cannot for the life of me figure out where the daily activity number is coming from, either in minutes or calories burned. It never matches anything on Garmin Connect, and in at least one instance it shows not as burned calories, but consumed. I do see my manual activities show up as expected.

I've also got an activity level selected in cronometer, which is why I wonder if this is actually duplicating that.

From what I can tell, the daily activity numbers are bundled with the manual activities, so is the best thing just to delete that when it pops up in my diary?

Thanks for any help!


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