UK Food Data

Picking up on a discussion in the old forums, I'm another person who would really love to see UK/Euro food data added. My daughter has recently started a ketogenic diet for her epilepsy, and we're finding Cronometer a fantastic tool to support this, BUT realised that there's a big problem with accurate tracking when we made her some celeriac mash yesterday... the macros were way off from the recipe we'd been given by her dietician, and it turns out that the USDA data in Cronometer has net carbs for celeriac at 4.7g/100g while the McCance and Widdowson (UK) dataset has them at 1.9g/100g. This kind of difference makes a HUGE impact on accurately managing a ketogenic diet, and my web research suggests that the UK data is likely the more accurate one due to better testing methods (the USDA data in many instances involve inferred/calculated values https://www.ars.usda.gov/ARSUserFiles/80400525/Articles/jfca10_102-114.pdf ). The accuracy issue is of course in addition to the obvious user benefits of having more international packaged foods available in the DB.

Accurate data is critical to the app's usefulness, and the McCance and Widdowson data is readily available in electronic form here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/composition-of-foods-integrated-dataset-cofid . I understand you're a small company, and as a computer scientist, I'd be more than happy to assist in manipulating this dataset into a format where it could be directly uploaded to Cronometer's tables, and am happy to be contacted by a developer if this offer is of any use.

Thanks again for a great app!


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