A Question About Pasta

I understand that whole wheat pasta is a better option than regular primarily because of its fiber. I follow a Mediterranean Diet plan and love pasta dishes. Whole wheat pastas, according to America's Test Kitchen, are improving in flavor and texture. Their top recommendation is Bionaturae brand. Any recommendations for other brands that folks here like?


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    Have you tried any of the bean-based pastas (made from lentils, black beans, and/or chickpea flour)? I still prefer whole wheat but for vegetarian/vegan kids or a quick source of protein, the bean pastas are great (although pricey!).

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  • Any recommendations for other brands that folks here like?

    I like Racconto, imported from Italy and made from 100% whole durum wheat flour. I also like Kroger brand 100% whole wheat pasta including penne rigate, spaghetti, and lasagna. I think there are a couple more but those three are on my pantry shelf right now. I also like the Kroger 100% whole wheat wide egg noodles.

    I detest Hodgson Mill whole wheat pasta. For years they were the only whole wheat pasta on the shelves of major grocery chains. They tasted taste awful and gave whole wheat pasta a bad name it is still living down.

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