Would anyone like a Holiday Season challenge?



  • So I weighed in today for a progress report of how I'm doing in November, since we're halfway through the month. I am down 8.6 lbs since 11-1!

    I have Cronometer set to 2 lbs per week and I eat pretty much every calorie I've got, so I'm surprised but pleased. And my ankle seems better, so I'm starting weight training back up today to see how it goes.

  • I'm all in now. I've prepared enough meals for about 4-5 days. It's a big change for me. Prior to this my diet revolved around going out to lunch and dinner. A fair amount of what I prepared consists of cruciferous vegetables including brussels sprouts, cauliflower and different types of kale salads.

    It's a big change for me. Prior to this my diet revolved around going out to lunch and dinner. 1600-1800 calories worth of healthy food is a lot of food. It's taking me some time getting comfortable eating as much as I'm going through.

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    HH, I'm curious as to what you're doing to increase your flexibility. I've been experimenting with some yoga videos on youtube but haven't found one I'm enthusiastic about.

    I've had some luck with joint mobility exercises (I think it's variously called active/dynamic flexibility). What started out as way to warm-up/not get injured at work, ended up becoming routine (and a surfeit of exercises and physio tricks).

    At its most simple, there's Müller/Radio Taiso/Yoga-ish Tibetan, scaling up to the drills/warm-ups found in dance and martial arts.

    How did you get on at the new job?

  • @Paul, thank you for the tips, I'll check into those.

    The new job went really well, except I was so concerned about getting there early and not getting anything on myself that I didn't eat for several hours beforehand (not a good idea on a calorie restriction!) and ended up having to take a slightly early lunch so I could eat something. My manager is a really lovely person and everyone there was very welcoming.

    I was pretty useless, but that's somewhat typical for a new job in an industry you've never worked in before. I learned a lot and I think I"ll be able to manage it once I get the feel for it. Thank you for asking!

  • Also, @rankingfullstop , good job on prepping and setting yourself up for success!

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    Well, apparently running around all shift at my new job has paid off in dividends, as I hit my 10 lbs off goal today! This week I have Thanksgiving plus a potluck lunch and some baking to do, so it's nice to have hit the goal, and that way eating at maintenance for 2-3 days this week won't be a significant hindrance.

    I also increased my activity level setting in Cronometer since I felt pretty weak after day 1 at the job and I am feeling much better.

  • Shoot... I had my 2 beers for the week over the past two days. Guess it's kombucha and club soda for the rest of the week!

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  • Hi everyone, just joining this forum. I've had trouble loosing weight and tracking recently. My goal loss is only 4 pounds, not much, but it would mean a lot to me if I could focus and get there. I would love to be a part of this holiday challenge. I'm hoping to find an accountability partner, maybe this is it?!

  • Welcome! Good luck on your goal! The more the merrier, of course. <3

    Today was Thanksgiving in the U.S. and I planned to go over my goal today and eat closer to maintenance calories, but so far I haven't wanted the extra food I saved up for, so I'm counting that as a win.

    I'm also counting the fact that I have enough garlic mashed potatoes for the next week as a win too! I love mashed potatoes but I only bother making them once a year. :)

  • Please send some to England. I will trade for marmite.

    It's not quite 20 chin-ups, but I got my 1-arm pu back. You know .. just in case I need to push away a grue that's swallowed one of my arms. I'm about as sturdy as I was ten years ago, minus the loud crunching sound in my hips when I walk, stand, sit, hear something rousing on the radio, etc.

    Merry last vestiges of November!

  • Paul, I don't suppose instead of garlic mashed potatoes, you'd take some chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream? I have a few pieces left over from a Sunday potluck and two people at work are also focusing on weight loss so I don't want to take it there but I want it out of my house!

    How is everyone doing?

  • Aha. Vanilla Buttercream sounds sofa-king good. I saw this the other day. I think I'd be drunk on coffee liqueur before I started baking, but I can enjoy the pictures.

  • good morning all. i havent been on in a while but am sticking to the low carb, high fat mod protein since aug 28. down 22 pounds , no specific exercise yet. thanksgiving was easy . christmas i indulged and it ok. i learned after the meal that i cannot eat off my keto and feel well and i really didnt go crazy . my stomach has gotten familiar with keto now and rebelled, lol... so back on today. actually excited because i just feel great on it. i also eat just 2 meals a day (the high fat creates satiety )and i fast 18 hours a day now without difficulty. so my meals are consumed between noon and 6pm for the most part. i have great energy and body joint aches have disappeared. i set small goals that are attainable . realistic . happy new year to all . be well and healthy.

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