Macronutrient targets

I've no idea what my targets should be. Can you help?

It's currently set to:
Proteins: 150g Carbs: 130g Fats: 65g

I'm 181cm tall and have 70kg. My goal is to get to 80kg. I'm a vegetarian. My activity level is sedentery/lightly active.


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    As a dietitian, I can provide some general feedback, but for individualized support, you may wish to search Cronometer's Professional Database to find a professional: https://cronometer.com/pro-directory/

    If you are hoping to gain weight, I'd suggest a few things:

    1. You will need to increase calories by ~500-1000 per day from your maintenance calorie requirements. Cronometer can automatically set your target when you set a goal to "gain weight".
    2. When it comes to protein, I prefer to focus on grams vs. macros. Given that you are wanting to gain weight and are vegetarian, I'd aim for an intake of ~1.5 - 1.7 g per kg of target body weight (i.e. 80 kg) = 120 - 136 g per day.
    3. I don't think you necessarily need to worry about restricting carbs or fat; in fact, having adequate carbs stimulates insulin, which helps to increase muscle growth. In general, I would aim for at least 50% of your calories from carbs.
    4. For fat, the type you include is more important than the total source. Fill up on plant-based sources like flax, chia, seeds, nuts, nut butter, and avocado.
    5. You may wish to consider add in some weight training, as this is usually needed to build weight from muscle mass.

    Best of luck!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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