Accidentally deleted

I just deleted rather than retired a recipe. How do I restore it?


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    Hello @Burnedbutter ,

    Unfortunately, we have no way of retrieving a deleted recipes, as it deletes it from your diary entries as well.


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    Disappointing, but thanks

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    edited January 13

    I just accidently "deleted" a recipe rather than "retiring" it. And this deletes it from my past diary entries, which means any of my daily records are now potentially wrong, since I don't know which days had the deleted recipe, which kinda invalidates my entire history. This is a bit upsetting given the time and effort I put into this. I think it's poor design to have a simple user mistake carry wide-ranging irreversible consequences.

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    One possibility would be to regularly export your data.

    I feel like Cronometer already did what they could to help prevent accidents.

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    Thank you that suggestion, Seir! I didn't know about that capability (excellent feature Cronometer!) and I'll do that going forward on a regular basis.

    Regarding what more Cronometer could do, look at services from Google/Microsoft/Apple as an example. Google Docs has an undo option on everything. It also automatically records past versions of your work. On Apple photos, I accidently deleted a photo, and that photo was automatically still available for a short period of time in the "Recently Deleted" folder.

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