Weighing Water-packed Tofu: Should I use the NET Weight or Actual Weight of Tofu?

Hi, everyone!
I've been using Cronometer for a while and have enjoyed learning how to track my macros.
I searched the discussion board for anything regarding Net Weight vs Actual Weight of Food, but couldn't find anything so here I am!

Tofu is one of my go-to sources of plant-based protein and I'm wondering what is the most accurate way to weigh out tofu. Most tofu has a Net Weight on the packaging and I was wondering if I should use that instead of the number that pops up on my food scale.

At the time of food preparation, the tofu tends to be much heavier than what is stated on the packaging. I know that tofu contains a lot of water so I'm just a bit confused!

Thanks so much for any help!



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    Hi Lez,

    I would be inclined to use the weight you measure on your scale.

    I also wanted to point out that there are many options for tofu in our database - including options for whether you have drained the tofu or whether you have cooked it or not. I try to find the option that best matches how I have prepared the food.


    Karen Stark
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    I also struggle with that question. I have no definitive answer but my thoughts are:
    Use what's on the package because that's what the factory thinks is in it.
    Selling stuff always has competition so if they put 200gr on the label and you measure 250gr, then use 200gr because if it was really 250gr, then it would be on the package because 250gr for $2, sells better than 200gr for $2.....

    Stick to what's on the package.

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