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I've been getting into roasting vegetables. I use a little spray oil, some seasonings, and a silicone mat on a half sheet pan. Then I put them in a 425 degree oven for about 15 mins or until they look done.

Is it okay to weigh my food before I roast it, and use log it using "raw"? It's easier to weigh it raw. I'm roasting up some Oyster mushrooms right not that I got at the farmer's market, and there is no listing for roasted mushrooms -- only a listing for raw.


  • I tend to use the known raw weight because there's less fluctuation. If you're worried, you can compare the raw and cooked versions and see how different they are. On the web app, you can find out the cooked rough equivalent by typing in the calories from the raw weight. You can also measure the raw weight, and log the cooked version this way.

    For example:
    1. Weigh your raw eggplants.
    2. Log "Eggplant, Raw" on your diary.
    3. On the web application, add "Eggplant, Cooked", and change the calorie for this entry to match the raw eggplant. The weight of the cooked eggplant should automatically adjust.

  • I don't understand what you are suggesting, but I think it might be the solution to my problem, so am posting it here:

    I prepared a recipe from raw ingredients, weighing everything. I then put it in the slow cooker, and the next day weighed it before putting it in the fridge. The raw ingredients were 1.5kg, but the final result was 1kg. I assume the difference is evaporation. I'd like to be able to reduce the recipe's total weight by 500g without changing any of the nutrients, so when I give myself a serving, I can just weigh it. Right now, if I weigh out 100g I have to remember to input it as 150g into cronometer..

    I hope that makes sense 🤪

    Is there a way to lower the final "full recipe" weight?

    (in this case there is no added liquid, so I can't reduce that.)

  • Hi Jefmcg,

    There isn't an option in Cronometer to reduce the final volume weight. However, if you are creating your recipes on the website, you could consider adding water as an ingredient in your recipe, then entering a negative serving size, like -500g


    Karen Stark
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    That's just what needed. I'm just slightly disappointed I didn't come up with this hack myself.


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    I guess my concern was more about nutritional values changing during cooking (when there is no "cooked" in the database), but I guess these are all just estimates really anyway.

  • @bct

    I think it's important to consider what's easier to do... If tracking your vegetables raw helps you to keep daily logs, then go with that option.

    Also, the nutrient profile of raw vs. cooked is not practically significant, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • Thanks everyone. Is there a way to accept this as "answered" like on stackoverflow? I notice some questions are marked "answered".

  • @bct

    When you start a new discussion, you can choose the 'Ask a Question' option. Then you will have the option to mark your question answered.

    Karen Stark
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