What's the best way to log in activities/ exercise

In the settings it asks your overall activity level.

I consider myself very active. I teach yoga. I'm a massage therapist. I have a four year old. I tend to be on my feet all day.

Now should I still log my exercise/ when I teach classes ect? I noticed that it impacts my overall calorie intake when I add those each in. Or do they count with my overall being active?

Am I doing this right?


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    Hi Sami_Sunshine_89,

    The activity level settings can give you a way to estimate your average total calories burned from daily activities and exercise. If you are choosing a higher level to account for your exercises as well, then I would not log them separately on top of that.

    If you would like to log your exercises separately, say they vary from day to day, or you are a fellow data nerd that likes to keep track of the details, then I would recommend using a lower activity level to avoid double counting the calories burned from exercise.


    Karen Stark
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    In fact, I also don't understand how you can become more active. I do sports, go to massages, and still it's not enough.

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    If you lead an active lifestyle + do sports, then you have to take the entire physical load into account. The problem is that you can count exactly how much energy you spent in the case of training. And in the case of just your life activities, it's harder to do that because I'm sure you, like all people, don't have the same every day. Try counting roughly with an app and separately counting each activity (i.e., it's walking, your work, and childcare). You won't believe me, then my appetite goes after erotic massage london. I don't know how to explain it; it isn't a tip, just an interesting observation

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