Change request: Calories remaining should reflect target calories

The calories remaining field changes if you set a weight loss goal, so it would be nice if when I set a fixed calorie budget each day, it would reflect that.

I can force this to happen by setting my BMR to my goal and disconnecting google fit, but I don't want to do that. I have switched my view from the circles to the bar graphs, which seems an OK work around for the moment.


  • Hi jefmcg,

    There is an option to not include your weight goal in the calorie budget. In the Settings tab, choose Targets. In the Weight Goal section, turn off the switch next to Show weight goal in diary:

    The Energy target bar in the Macronutrient Targets works like this too, when you have set Fixed Targets - it will show your energy target without your weight goal included.


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  • I've turned that off. The balance is still showing relative to calories consumed/burned and not reflecting my daily calorie goal.

    Have a missed a step, or do you not understand what I am asking?

  • Hi jegmcg,

    I may have misunderstood what you are looking for. Here are some examples to illustrate what options you have to work with:

    In this example, I have a weight loss goal of 1 lb per week (-499 kcal) with the option to show weight goal in diary.

    The calories remaining = calories burned - calories consumed - weight loss goal
    or 1775 - 730 - 499 = 546 kcal remaining

    I also have Fixed Targets selected, where I manually entered my energy target of 1430 kcal for the day. You can see this under Macronutrient Targets in the Energy target bar. I have consumed 730 kcal out of my target of 1430 kcal.

    Now in this example, I turned off the option to show weight goal in diary.
    Now the calorie balance = calories burned - calories consumed:
    1775 - 730 = 1045 kcal

    My custom fixed energy target remains the same.

    The Calories Summary is always calculated using your calories burned - calories consumed and you can choose whether or not to include your weight loss goal depending if you would like to take that into account, or would rather just see your actual calorie balance for the day.

    Your energy target bar will always show your fixed energy target, if you would like to set a target that is independent from your energy balance each day.

    I hope that helps - if you would like to discuss your specific settings I would be happy to help you here or if you would like to keep your settings private, send me an email at [email protected]


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks. That's fine. I understand how it works at the moment.

    I am making a request for a change; ie I want it to work a different way.

    There are two approaches to calorie restriction for weight loss: the "cronometer way", a deficit from your estimated calorie consumption; OR the fixed calories per day approach, where your calorie budget is predetermined. Cronometer supports the first explicitly (in a very prescriptive manner that does not work for me). I am requesting you add sIupport for the second approach.

    I found the budget very useful, at a glance seeing what I need to consume or how little I had left. I would like to have feature now I am taking a slightly different approach.

    TL;DR: I am requesting a change to the cronometer BUDGET/REMAINING field in the app and website to reflect the actual budget when a fixed calorie target is set.

    That's it. It's a change request. I think it would improve the app. You may not agree it should be done, but I think it's a reasonable request.

    Edit: Sorry if this comes off a snippy or ungrateful. I do appreciate you trying to help, and I do like the app, hence my wanting to make what I think are improvements!

  • Thanks for clarifying your request for a change in the way the calorie budget works.

    We really appreciate getting the details so we can better understand the changes that you would like to see and how to implement those changes.


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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  • I would like to see this too.

  • Me too


  • Agreed, it's very frustrating not being able to set my caloric goal manually.

  • I think this works wonderfully just the way it is. I would hate to see a change to it!

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  • That's great, but I wasn't suggesting they change existing functionality, just add another option for those that work a different way.

    I really don't mind anymore, because I have been at my goal weight for about a year, and only use cronometer these days as a quick way to find how many carbs are in a food.

  • Yeah, adding an option to manually control calories wouldn't affect you using it the way it is. Truthfully if Chronometer was wise, they'd take a look at my fitness pal and add some of the features from there. As it is, I might go back. Even though nutrition breakdown isnt as detailed, the usability is far better.

  • Thank you!

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