Caffeine & Theobromine - Coffee/Tea

Cronometer presents the caffeine content of foods. And I know that it can only offer analytical data that's already been performed. But the Big Three, legal, stimulatory beverages consumed worldwide are: coffee, tea and cocoa. Dark Chocolate being another non-beverage. The primary stimulant in coffee is caffeine. The primary stimulant in tea and cocoa/chocolate is theobromine. I find black tea to be even more "energizing" than coffee, but my intake of theobromine isn't captured on Cronometer. I believe the amount of milligrams per cup of tea and cocoa (or per piece of dark chocolate) is available on the internet. But if a Custom Food were to be added, there is no line for theobromine. My suggestion would be to add a blank line for whatever substance might be found in a Custom Food having an unusual chemical structure so that subscribers can monitor their intake of it. My last use of marijuana was a few lifetimes ago, but what with the increasing legalization of it in the U.S., it may be time to add a Blank Line for Custom Foods so people can measure their intake of THC (is that the primary potent chemical found in marijuana?).


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    Thanks for reaching out about this. Yes, it would be great to have a cusotm nutrient field int he future. I have passed along this suggestion!

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