Does weight include the parts you don't eat?

If I select a raw chicken leg from the database, what are the macronurients based on?
In other words is the nutritional value for 100gr chicken:

  • 100gr meat?
  • 100gr meat + bones?***

*** = No I don't eat the bones :-). I'm just wondering it's assumed x% of a chicken is bones and for that reason the nutrients for 100gr chicken are reduced by that percentage.

Is a banana peel part of the weight listed in the database? A banana peel is a considerble percentage of it's weight.

Coconut: Does it include the juice? The shell?

Right now I'm looking at the wrapper of Sportlife gum. 100gr contains 64gr carbs. Most likely that's so, but as long as you don't swallow the gum, you'll never get that amount of carbs in your system. Gum doesn't het 64% lighter when chewing it.


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    Hi Krav,

    Nutrient values are given for the edible portion only. So the weight will not include things like the bones of meats or skins, peels and seeds of fruits and vegetables that we don't typically eat.

    There is a listing for coconut meat and coconut liquid. 'Coconut, Fresh' from NCCDB gives the nutrition information for the meat of the coconut. There are others for the liquid only (coconut water), liquid made from the meat of the coconut, and other coconut products as well.

    For the gum, I think typically the carbs are added sugars that you would get through chewing alone. Gum is usually made up of a rubbery material that is not digestible and would not count towards the carbohydrate value.


    Karen Stark
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