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New user here. I am struggling to understand the total calories allowed for 1.5 lbs./week versus the BMR. My exercising varies from day to day, so I am unclear as to the additional "allowed" calories that are added to my BMR in the circle display below the Diary. Can someone explain how that number was arrived at? Thank you in advance.


  • Hi @grendelsm21 Welcome to Cronometer!

    Cronometer is to be seen as a tool to track consumption and all targets we have set by default are not for everyone. If you have different needs you are welcome to make the changes based on your healthcare professional's recommendation or personal preference.

    Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and activity level settings make up the base number of Calories burned by simply existing (BMR) and your general activity throughout the day (Activity level). While these Calories are a total of those burned throughout the day, we add them as a lump sum at the beginning of the day so it is easier to plan your meals and activity in relation to your general calories burned!
    Your BMR is the rate of energy expenditure of your body at rest and the number of Calories burned is the result of a calculation from the BMR.

    Check out this section of our user manual to learn more about basal metabolic rate and your activity settings on the mobile app:
    See this section to focus on the website version:

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  • Hi there!

    For a weight loss goal of 1.5 lb/week, Cronometer subtracts -479 kcal per day. When you set a weight loss goal, there is also an option to show weight goal in diary. In the example below, I have selected that option.

    So the calories remaining = calories burned - calories consumed - weight loss goal
    or 1815 - 882 - 749 = 184 kcal remaining

    You can hover over the Budget to get a description of this:

    You can also hover over each colour in the calories burned circle to see where these calories are coming from:

    On the mobile app, tap on these icons to find this information.

    I hope that helps - if you would like to discuss your specific settings I would be happy to help you here or if you would like to keep your settings private, send me an email at [email protected]


    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Awesome responses!! :) Both were a big help . . . I am a baby boomer (although I have relatively little boom remaining, but still hitting the gym to keep the dream alive. LOL!) and struggle a bit with computers, so I want to thank both of you for your responses, and it is likely I will email in the future. Thanks again. My best, Sean M. Mehegan

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