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Hello. I had originally linked my garmin to myfitnesspal but that site does not log micro-nutrients. Cronometer was recommended to me by my Health and Wellness teacher. Initially Garmin Connect and Cronometer were working together but yesterday it stopped working. Garmin app is only giving me options to link to myfitnesspal. Anyone have any ideas on how to get Garmin and Cronometer to play nice?


  • I figured out a work-around! I can continue to enter my food intake into Cronometer. I will then take the calories consumed for the day and enter them into MFP as a quick entry. MFP will then sync my calorie consumption to the Garmin app. It is an extra step but way better than having to enter food data into both Cronometer and MFP. I have tested this process and it does work. Now my Garmin app shows my calorie info for the day.

  • Hi JennfromOregon,

    We have looked into exporting calories from Cronometer to Garmin, unfortunately they are not interested in working with us at this time. It would be great if our users could contact Garmin and let them know this is something you want. Maybe we can convince them together!

    Karen Stark
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  • As a work around if Garmin won't talk to you is to develop for "If This Then That". They are already supported and it would be easy to get the two to talk together until Garmin opens up to you.

  • @Karen_Cronometer we've been asking for it for years and they don't budge

  • The Garmin app is trash. It relies on their servers, which is why interfacing with the app itself isnt really possible.

    The question I have is why is Garmin connect listed under Cronometer "Devices" if there's no support for it?

  • Thank you for posting this because I have sat here for over an hour and my garmin watch isn't recognized by chrono.

    There is NO support for this!!

  • Wow I've never, ever had an issue with my Garmin and my chronometer interacting with each other. It's way better than it was when I was using my Fitbit.

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  • What "interactions" are you talking about?

  • It posts my activities to my Cronometer account and the calories burned are included in the Cronometer count. Like Fitbit, if you are importing calories burned into Cronometer, be sure to set your activity level to sedentary to avoid a double count. Pretty basic stuff.

    "I've never considered excessive sanity a virtue" Mike Uris, San Antonio Express-News, 2002

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    Works for me too. I went through adding Garmin in the Devices tab of Chronometer. It didn't ask me for anything i.e. login info and it looked like it didn't really do anything. Few minutes later, my Garmin stuff is populating, which is fantastic. Whether it used Garmin Express, or auto-logged into Garmin since I have it open, I don't know. But it seems to be working.
    EDIT: It's getting metrics from my Garmin Vivosmart 4 band and also from my Edge 530 bike computer. It's awesome, dog walks are there, RHR, and big rides.

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    The big thing about this, is Garmin probably has some sort of exclusive deal with MFP. I love my Garmin Venu, and they actually have a nice API to allow push and pull for specific things (like the info Cronometer pulls from Garmin currently), but some metrics, such as the food information is not available. They also pull all the calorie goals/etc information directly from MFP. I'm sure Cronometer would be willing to support doing that as well, but it's on Garmin to allow them to.

    I do what others have said and either dual log (using Cronometer to make sure it's close or the same) or just do my calories in MFP as a quick add to sync it, since all Garmin pulls is the calorie number.

    There is a large and long-standing thread (3+ years) on the Garmin forums, but they've yet to take any action there. It could be they're in a contract where they can't, or they simply don't think it's worth it since MFP is, unfortunately, so widely used compared to Cronometer.

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