Add supplements to repeat daily

I take several supplements every day (multi-vits, vitamin D, etc). Is there a way to add these to my diary so that they appear daily?


  • Yes, please add this in. I can't fill all my daily nutrient values with the food I'm eating at the moment because I'm unwell so am taking a range of supplements and being able to add those in would be incredibly helpful.

  • Oh. Great idea on the recipe. I will do that.

  • You could use "copy previous day" (which you find by clicking three dots in top left in your diary view) then do your changes according to what you ate today.

  • Thank you. That will help!

  • I'm trying to create a custom food for my multi vitamin. Is it possible to change the measurement types for a vitamin or mineral? For some vitamins, I need the change "mg" to "mcg." Thanks.

  • @mtstx we do not have the option to change the units displayed although we do hope to support this in the future. For now, as a workaround, you can do a bit of math to convert the value to the appropriate units! For instance, if you need to convert a value listed on your products label as mcg to the mg displayed in the app, divide your mcg value by 1000 to get the number in mg. 1 mg = 1000mcg

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  • Thank you for your quick reply and for the work around. I hadn't thought about doing that.

  • As mentioned, the quick workaround is to create recipes of your daily supplements, pre-/post-workout drinks, etc. My question to that is -- what's the easiest way to edit those recipes if you have a one time (non-permanent) change? For instance, yesterday I didn't add two items to my smoothie because I was out-of-stock. I obviously didn't want those macros and calories tracked for the day.

  • Hi kohee,

    The quickest way to make edits is to add the recipe to your diary. Then right-click on the recipe (or swipe it to the right, if you are using the mobile app) and choose Explode Recipe.

    This will show all the individual ingredients in your diary. You can delete items, or change serving sizes of individual ingredients in your diary while keeping your original recipe intact.


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi!

    also there are vitamins like b12 and D3 people usually take once a week. I would love to see such a feature to add a weekly dose and get the daily results displayed. Better yet a weekly overview is even more helpful in this case as micromanaging the day is not that important as seeing the bigger weekly or monthly picture.

    a 20% Zinc deficiency is much more drastic on the long run and gives a better picture that way. Just an idea

  • Hi @skoos

    I think the Nutrition Report feature is what you are looking for! In the Trends tab, select Nutrition Report. Choose a date range and your report will be your daily nutrition averaged over that time period to see where you might be lacking nutrients on a longer time scale, and average out those larger doses of vitamins that you are adding to your diet on a weekly basis.

    Karen Stark
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  • Wow thanks! That indeed solves all in my case!

  • gonna use a recipe for supplements, and a specific timeslot called "dailies" for all the foods plan to eat daily. But these are bot fudges, make this recurring thing happen guys, it's beyond overdue.

  • Need checkmark to repeat entries like daily vitamins. Please consider this enhancement.

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