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Is it possible to get the iPhone app to just show Calorie goal, Calories Consumed and Remaining Calories in the summery at the top of the diary page?

The only option I’ve seen is energy balance which factors in BMR which I don’t care about.


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    Hi The_Real_Redding,

    Scroll the top banner to the energy and macronutrient target bars. The energy target will show your calories consumed and calories remaining and your percent of target achieved. If you have set a custom fixed energy target it will be independent of your energy balance, which includes BMR.


    Karen Stark
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    When I scroll to the target bar section it shows calories consumed, total target calories a percentage of calories remaining, but doesn’t show the actual number of calories remaining. I was hoping for a quick glance method that doesn’t take into account BMR. So there isn’ta way of doing this?

    BMR can be handy at the beginning when calculating a goal oriented diet, but since there are many factors that go into daily energy expenditure (BMR, NEAT and so on) once you have your target calories calculated BMR isn’t really useful for day to day especially since these values can change when energy intake increases/decreases.

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