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I'm a new user, and while doing an "Add Food", and looking into the "Favorites" sub-section. I cannot find a way to rearrange/sort items in Favorites. Without this ability, I can see the favorites list getting cluttered pretty soon. I was thinking of scanning (barcode) of all ingredients I eat and add them to favorites... so that selection is easier in "Add Food".

In the Favorites section, I was planning to say... sort the list items manually and kept them as... Proteins (at top), then Oils, Vegetables, Spices, etc... easy enough to scroll through a big list of favorites.

Is there a way to sort Favorites?


  • Thanks for your question.

    The custom foods and recipes are listed based on the date they were entered . You can click on the two way arrow in the the top right of the box to sort your recipes and foods alphabetically.

    If you are no longer using a recipe or food, you can also delete or retire it by clicking on the recipe and selecting "delete recipe".

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • @notandor

    I just wanted to add, when you search for a food to add to your diary, the order in which your search results appear in the favorites tab will update based on what text you put in the search box, and then, secondly which food items you use most frequently.

    Karen Stark
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  • You can sort favorites alphabetically in the app, not on the website. I use the website far more often and having them sorted would be far better than the seemingly random order they are in. They are definitely not in most frequent use order and never seem to change.
    I haven't eaten a tomato in a year and a half and it's #4 on my favorites list. Kerrygold butter, which I eat literally every day, sometimes multiple times is #30. Even if it is a custom recipe, they seem to be just random.
    I have many recipe variations for bulletproof coffee, which all begin with the word bulletproof. Considering I have this every single day, it should be #1 in my favorites list and not randomly spread throughout my list. I have to use the search bar for them, and pretty much everything else.
    Thanks in advance if you can get sorting added to the website.

  • Love this app concept, but seriously, it can be very inconvenient to use. In the web version you cannot sort Favorites or Custom food lists alphabetically. Forgive me if I'm missing it, but this is such a basic function... why hasn't this been added???

  • I haven't hit this wall yet. In web version, I can just type "kraut" (to get sauerkraut), and BPC is somehow always #1 on my list. Having it remember that I'm only looking at 'favorites' every time, so that it comes up on favorites whenever I add way more valuable to me.

    But I'm a touch typist, and blazing fast. So I look at keyboard and mouse as being 10,000% better than my fingertip on a tiny phone ;-)

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