Best Time blood glucose & Ketones with IF & Exercise.

I just got my Keto Mojo meter. OH YES! Tonight's test run with only about a 3 hour fast was 95mg/dl glucose and 2.7mmol/l ketones for a GKI of 1.953. Nice, deep state of ketosis. I did a "cross check" of the pee strip and was super purple. So...

OK...I know that it is recommended to do blood testing at the end of a fast. However, I haven't seen any recommendations for those of us exercising during a fast. I'm currently doing a daily 18-6 fast schedule. So far, I typically start a 30-45 minute bike ride about 2 hours before my fast ends.

Any thoughts or references are welcome.

Me, Sandee & German Shepherd Dog Zeus Full Time RVers that left Illinois for better weather.
Using the KETO "diet" for weight loss but working on making keto a life style.


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