Incomplete Data On Cronometer

Carrots, Cooked From Fresh, 280 grams
Total Carbs should equal Fiber + Starch + Sugars. For many foods on Cronometer, they don't. In the example below, Fiber of 8.4g + Starch of 0.5g + Sugars of 9.7g = 18.6k. But Total Carbs are 23g. What do the other, missing 4.4g represent? I'd like to know if that other 4.4g represents starch, sugar or fiber!


Carbs 23.0g
Fiber 8.4g

Starch 0.5g

Sugars 9.7g
Fructose 1.0g
Glucose 1.1g
Sucrose 7.6g

Net Carbs 14.6g


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