NCCDB vs CRDB and Other Nutrition Sources

Who do I trust here? Decided to eat a clif bar, enter it in to log my nutrition, according to NCCDB the crunchy peanut butter clif bar contains over 100% of the vitamin E you need in a day, but on the back it only says 10%.what's going on here? Should I trust the CRDB label or the lab results of the NCCDB?

Thank you


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    Hi Sakuya,

    NCCDB values typically come from the analysis of the versions of the products available at the time and takes the average value they found. The value shown on the back of your label will be specific to your product formulation found by the manufacturer, and rounded (as per labelling guidelines). It sounds like the CRDB option may be a better match for vitamin E value on this one.


    Karen Stark
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