Custom foods feature available on mobile but not desktop?

I am a user of the basic/free version.

I have a cookbook that already lists all the nutrition information for each recipe. Instead of entering all the ingredients in Cron, I would like to simply create a custom food and enter the macro and micronutrients. I'd like to title it as written in the book, then append the name of the cookbook to the title, so I can easily find the recipe again later.

I have noticed that on the app, this seems to work just fine. But it appears that in a Web browser, it doesn't. So, in the app, if I go to "foods," then "create food," I can enter the name of a serving and how many grams it is, and enter macros and micros for that food. Perfect. However, in the Web version, all I can do is enter a serving size, and there is a blank field for a barcode number. There are no fields for entering carbs, fats, proteins, etc. When I enter in a barcode number from a product, it doesn't respond at all; it does nothing.

In the documentation, I can't find any reference to this huge difference between the app and the Web. Is this difference intentional? Or is there something wrong with my Web browser?


  • Hi there,

    That doesn't sound like the page is displaying properly - would you mind sending us a screenshot at [email protected] and we can look into this for you?

    To create a custom food on the website, use the Foods tab > Custom Foods and click the +Add Food button. Then you can enter in your food name and nutrition information. The screen looks like this:

    There is also the full list of nutrient below to enter in even more nutrition information.


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  • Oh, geez. Because the nutrient area appears "grayed out" and there are no obvious text fields there until you actually click on them, I didn't realize I could just click and start entering data. It should have been obvious! Thanks.

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    One advantage of listing/adding the ingredients is that you get a full nutrition count beyond protein, carbs, fat. I find the vitamin, amino acids, and mineral contents really helpful in tweaking my diet for health.

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