Recipe database, not just recipe sharing?

This is both a question and, perhaps, a request. Does Cronometer Gold have a recipe database that is open for all users to access and log in their diaries? I see that it is possible for Gold users to share their own recipes, but I am wondering if there is a Cronometer-run library of recipes.

If not, that would be a super cool feature. Particularly if the recipes were geared toward dieters/special diets and checked for accuracy (i.e. guaranteed to turn out well as long as you follow the instructions). I've noticed that many users are excited for the prospect of Cronometer one day developing a recipe importer. Recipe importers, in my experience, can be a pain to use, and are often no better than entering recipes from scratch. The programming can only be so accurate, and the user usually has to go through and correct half the ingredients anyway. An alternative (or perhaps companion) feature could be a high-quality, Cronometer-managed recipe database!


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