TVP (textured vegetable protein) - NCCDB dry or prepared?

My friend made me some vegan chili using TVP. I'm trying to guess on how to add this to my diary without over or underestimating the amount I'm eating. In the NCCDB, it's listed as "Textured Vegetable Protein, TVP, From Dry, Not Fortified." Since it says "from dry," does that mean that the measurements listed are after it's prepared, not while it's dry? My rough guess is that there's about a cup of prepared TVP. I know she used the dry granules. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to list how of the dry product she used before it was prepared or if I just use the prepared amount. I haven't cooked with it myself yet, so I'm not sure how much expands when cooking. Thanks!


  • Hi LindyLoo,

    I would add the TVP, from dry - the liquid absorbed by the TVP will come from the other ingredients in the recipe.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen,

    The problem is that I'm not actually making the recipe (nor do I have the recipe to refer to). I'm just trying to guess how much TVP is in there by looking. The "from" in "from dry" tends to make me think it's measuring once prepared, which is what I'm hoping for, since I do not know how much it expands when cooking, and I'm only seeing it after it has been prepared.

    I'm hoping this works in a similar way to how black beans are listed in the NCCDB. The NCCDB lists, "black beans, cooked from dried." Therefore, if I use 1/3 cup of dry beans in a recipe, I would list 1 cup of "black beans, cooked from dried."

    If the TVP works the same way (which I'm hoping it does), if I have one cup of prepared TVP, I should list one cup, as opposed to whatever it would have been when it was dry (amount currently unknown). Do you think this is a correct interpretation?

  • I see what you mean! Yes, in that case I would enter in an estimate of the prepared TVP. :)

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Great, thank you!

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