"Mastering Diabetes" using the Chronometer

I found Chronometer through a recommendation in the the book __Mastering Diabetes_. I'd like to hear from others who are attempting to follow the advice given by this book. I'm just beginning to follow the dietary guidelines.


  • Hi I have been following a low fat plant based diet for about 1 year now and just recently bought Cyrus and Robby's Mastering Diabetes book myself :smile: Nice to meet another person following a diet that isn't the norm! BTW I just started using Cronometer from the book too.

  • I'm curious if the book mentions or suggests a Keto diet?

  • No ...it does not. Many people are overcoming diabetes 11 following this protocol.

  • Want to learn all about handling diabetes? Watch Dr. Jason Fung, MD on Youtube. You'll learn a lot.

  • I followed Dr. Fung and did the Keto and after about a month I started intermittent fasting.

    Within two months, my Doctor was able to take me off of the Metformin that I was on for me diabetes, and he was also able to take me off the Statin that I was on for my high cholesterol. My doctor said, "What ever your doing...KEEP DOING IT!!! "

    I am an avid bike rider and hiker, and I have switched my body over to fat burning, and I am not only riding faster, but my endurance level is through the roof!

    Go to www.dietdoctor.com, sign up for the 30 day free trial, and then watch the movies "cereal Killer", and "Run on Fat"!

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