Tracking Macro Changes Over Time

Another good idea would be to track the changes in your macros and they stayed the same in your diary. Say if you have your macros at Cal.: 1392, Protein: 96, Net Carbs: 18, Fat:104 for February but you change them to Cal.: 1544, Protein: 94, Net Carbs: 15, Fat:125 for March.

It would be great to be able to look back at the data and the macros NOT change, in the diary, to the new macros in February. Maybe once a day is marked complete it should lock in the macros for that day. Now as it stands right now where once you change your macros they change across the board even including historical data in the diary.

Example: If I change my macros, say to lower carbs from 20g to 18g, when I look back at trends it shows I've gone over my carb limit in older diary entries. Even though at the time I was allowed more carbs and was under my limit at the time.

I think that would most definitely help people in figuring out what macros work best for them.


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    That is a great idea whteglve! We have it in our plans to add this feature in the future.


    Karen Stark
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    Has this been worked on? It's been requested as far back as 2017 from what I can see. Pretty frustrating for a paid app...

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    I agree that it should have been implemented by now. I also saw where it was requested in 2017, and it was said that it was a good idea. It is such a basic need that I would have thought that this would have been in one of the early versions. After seeing thus discussed in 2017, I was surprised that had not been implemented by now.

    From what I can see it is not even possible to print any data or results, much less export it to a file than can be imported into a spread sheet to archive. Just being able to print the trends and plots along with relevant information such as the goals would be useful. At least a hard copy can be filed. In fact this would be useful oven if the requested option is implemented. At least you could send them to a doctor to review.

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    I apologize fir the comments about printing in my previous comment. I just found out this function is available to gold members after an Internet search.

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    NOT true for gold members. I've been using cronometer for years and purchased the gold membership not long ago. I changed my macros recently and it still changed all the previous macro targets to current ones. This makes previous data useless! I'll be looking for a different app.

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