The data export screen produces disjointed export files

Daily data is split among 5 separate files: Servings, Exercises, Notes, etc.

How to put them into one file?


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    edited March 2020
    1. The time stamp needs minutes:seconds.
    2. Did "Export Daily Nutrition" used to be "Export All"?
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    Hi Andrew,

    We don't have all the data in one .csv file to export - I'll log your request, along with the seconds logged for time stamps. Thanks for sharing your suggestions!

    Export Daily Nutrition shows your nutrient totals for each day; it was not previously an Export All function.


    Karen Stark
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    I also don't understand why the data is split up into separate files.

    The point of Notes and Biometrics is to be associated with the food you ate that day, no? For example, to track allergic reactions.

    Accessing only one type of data from a unified file is trivial in spreadsheet file - simply filter for its type. But for a user, unifying the files is far more complicated.

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